Amber Cahill


Professional Development

• Aerial Amy

• Amy Guion

• Anastasia Skukhtrova
• Becca Butcher

• David C. Owen

• Estee Zakar

• Evgeny Greshilov

• Fawnia Deitrich

• Hanka Veselaar

• Jamilla Deville

• Jenyne Butterfly

• Karol Helms

• Kelly Yvonne

• Marlo Fisken

• Natasha Wang

• Oona Kivela

• Prana Ovide Etienne

• Rafaela Montanaro

• Rachel Karabenick (Aloft)

• Samantha Star

• Suwasit Ritthiphon 

• Zoraya Judd


Fitness Certifications

• ACE Personal Training Certified

• ACE Group Fitness Certified

• TRX Suspension Training Certification

• PDIC Pole Fit. Cert. Levels 1-6

• Booty Beat Certification

• Piloxing Certification

• R.I.P.P.E.D. Certification

• Boot Camp Challenge Certification

• SCW Personal Training Certification

• Yoga Fundamentals 1 Certification

• Outdoor Boot Camp Certification

Education Degrees

• Elementary Education Degree

• Minor in Psychology

• Masters in Reading


Fitness Instructors

Ashley Sponsler

Ashley began at TGR taking fitness and pole before joining the front desk staff. She has been taking the 5:15am class regularly and competed in TGR Des Moines' very first Iowa Ninja Warrior competition. Ashley enjoys challenging herself with many of the classes offered at TGR. Teaching kids has become a passion and the ninja kids classes and parties are just the right fit. Seeing the kids conquer the challenges of the obstacles is very rewarding.

Ashley is married and has 3 very active kids that keep her busy both in- and outside the gym. Her husband Ben is a Medical Massage Practitioner, and she helps manage his business as well. She is currently working as a Special Education Associate with Ankeny Community Schools assisting mentally- and physically-challenged children as they learn alongside their peers.

Innah Kuznetsova

Teaching Egyptian style bellydance since 2003, Innah is a professional Middle Eastern Dance artist and an award-winning performer. Her accolades include Bellydance Nationals Soloist (Winner 2010); Queen Of Raqs Sharqi (3rd place 2013); Taxim category, Bellydance of the Universe (1st-runner up, 2009); USA Bellydance Queen (3rd place soloist, 2010).

Innah is the leader and founder of Innah’s Middle Eastern Dance Troupe, and she considers her troupe a family. Her other dance training includes ballet, pointe, jazz, and latin. Her favorite Bellydance style is Oriental and Tarab.

Jillian Robertson

Jillian teaching Warrior Circuit at both the Ankeny and Des Moines locations.

Wendy Jensen

After seeing a deal on Living Social in 2012, Wendy decided to give TGR a try and has been attending classes ever since. Wendy has been focused primarily on the fitness side—taking classes in cardio and strength—and you can see her combining the two when she performs with TGR’s bellydance troupe. Wendy loves the environment and support at TGR and has increased her strength, flexibility and confidence with the continued encouragement from her TGR sisters.

Wendy holds a Piloxing Certification.

Aerial Instructors

Bonnie McHugh

Bonnie McHugh started her fitness journey with TGR in the summer of 2015. Her favorite apparatuses include all-things fabric, but she has trained on a multitude of apparatuses including aerial silks, aerial hammock, lyra, trapeze, pole and TGR's Iowa Ninja Warrior course. 

Bonnie loves working strength-based tricks and drops while practicing aerial. She has performed in local shows and events, and tries to participate in various workshop opportunities any chance she gets. When not training at TGR, Bonnie works for a local mental health provider. She also enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, and she has a strong passion for cooking up new dishes in the kitchen.


Jill Sabin

Proudly homeschooled, Jill started practicing aerial arts at TGR in 2012. Since joining, she has performed and competed in several events in the Des Moines and Chicago areas. She performs both as a solo act as well as half of the duo J.K. Rolling on silks, hoop, and hammock. Her favorite apparatus is aerial silks where she loves to work her Iron Cross and Secretary Drops. In addition to her training at TGR, Jill has trained at Aloft Loft in Chicago, Sora Contemporary Circus, and Trapeze School NY in Chicago. Her professional development includes training with Suwasit, Sally Sachs, Jessica Johnson, Luv Joy Seaman and Caty Mae Yount. 

In addition to the aerial arts, Jill likes tea.


Katie Rock

Katie is an aerial silks and hammock instructor with TGR, offering more than 6 different classes on aerial fabrics. Katie joined TGR in March 2013 and has regularly competed and performed within the growing aerial community in Des Moines ever since. In 2014, she won the Beginner Silks division at the first Aerial Expo and helped to coordinate the event in following years.
Katie's performances include: Misfit Cabaret, 80/35, TGR Elements Showcase, TGR Masquerade Ball, Circus Circus, Pandora's Circus, Des Moines Social Club's The Bash New Year's Eve party, the Aerial Expo and at private events with Cirque Wonderland. She has also appeared as half of the comedic aerial duo J.K. Rolling with classmate and fellow TGR instructor Jill Sabin.

Katie thrives on coaching students through the challenge of learning aerial, building skills, making friends, having fun and dancing in the air to sweet, sweet jams.

Krystal Berger

A tumbler in her youth, Krystal has always loved to fly. She's studied aerial arts with TGR since 2014. Krystal trains primarily on silks and hammock but also loves trapeze, lyra and pole. She has performed with En L'Air Aerial Dance Co.; Cirque Wonderland; Little Mermaid Show: Daughters of the Air; and competed at the Aerial Expo and Aerialympics St. Louis. A stickler for safety and fun, Krystal's favorite part of taking classes and instructing is when someone discovers they can do what they previously thought impossible! When not at the gym, Krystal loves spending time with friends and family...and chasing adventure and chocolate.

Megan Assenmacher

Megan "Megan Loreen" has taken classes at TGR Fitness since 2013 starting with aerial silks and pole. She slowly transitioned to lyra and has since taken it as her main apparatus. Megan always loved having the opportunity to perform and the lyra was a wonderful addition to her already title-holding prop/auxiliary dancing. 

Megan has performed on lyra, hammock, and silks for 80/35, Misfit Cabaret, Aerial Expo, several TGR productions, performances as a member of En L’Air Aerial Dance Co., as well as other private events around Central Iowa.

Megan has competed at the professional level for lyra and hammock and at the amateur level for pole. Her accolades include: PSO CPC 2016, Professional Lyra, 1st Place; NAPDC 2016, Professional Lyra, 2nd Place; PSO Nationals, Professional Lyra 5th Place; PSO CPC 2017, Level 3 Championship, 1st Place; Aerialympics St. Louis 2018, Allstar Lyra, 2nd Place and Allstar Hammock, 4th Place


Sarah Brekke

Sarah has been a member of TGR since 2013 when she started taking pole and aerial classes. Since then, she has gone on to perform with En L’Air Aerial Dance Company on hammock, silks, and pole as well as competing in 4 pole fitness competitions. Having no background in gymnastics—only some killer moves from high school show choir—she has had to challenge her mind and body in new ways, allowing her to be an even better instructor. In her aerial hammock class, she covers everything you'll need to get your feet off the floor: freestyling, increasing flexibility, strength moves, wraps and drops. Every class is a little different and she's always looking for new and exciting things to add to the curriculum. Sarah placed 3rd on pole and 1st on hammock in the Intermediate category at Aerialympics St. Louis 2018.

Sarah's other awards include 3rd place at CPC 2015 Level 2 Championship; and 3rd place at CPC 2017 Level 3 Championship.

Pole Instructors

Amanda Jaminet

Amanda has been taking pole dance classes at TGR since 2013. She is now a PHD poler, an avid exercise enthusiast and aspiring contortionist. Amanda currently teaches Pole Fit Level 1, Super Stretch and Flex and Pole Flow. When she isn’t teaching, Amanda frequents TGR classes as a fellow student. As "Miss J" she is part of En L'Air Aerial Dance Co., and has competed at: Minnesota Pole Competition (2018-Elite Pole Sport; 2017-Advanced Artistic, 3rd Place), Gateway Pole Championships (2017- Level 4 Championship, 4th Place) and Central Pole Championships (2016- Level 3 Dramatic, 3rd Place; 2017- Level 4 Dramatic, Champion). Amanda’s history as a dancer began with taking ballet classes at her local dance studio at the young age of 4. She graduated high school having competed in well over 20 dance competitions, taking part in even more performances. Amanda continued to train through college, even minoring in Dance at Iowa State University. “After college I knew I wouldn’t know what life was without dancing and staying active; TGR has been my home since.” When not spending time at TGR, Amanda is a Funeral Director at a local Des Moines funeral home. She enjoys spending time with her dog, Finn; thrift shopping; and listening to house and alternative rock music.


Bri Harding

Bri has been a member of TGR since January 2015. Her main apparatus is the pole, though she loves to cross train with lyra, hammock and (occasionally) traditional fitness classes. With a background in high school gymnastics—13 years as a gymnast and 8 years as a spotter and coach—the active, energetic atmosphere at TGR became a natural home. Bri has gone on to compete and perform in seven pole competitions and six local shows including acts as a member of En L’Air Aerial Dance Company. Currently instructing Pole Fit Level 3; Pole Trix; and Rock & Pole, Bri has previously instructed Pole Fit Levels 2, 4 and 5; Stretchy Flo; Super Stretch & Flex; Spinny Pole; Vertical Booty Camp; and Ninja Kids classes. Bri can also be booked for private pole lessons, choreography, and private pole parties.

Accolades: MNPC 2016, Intermediate, 3rd Place; PSO CPC 2016, Level 2 Championship, 1st Place; PSO CPC 2017, Level 3 Championship, 2nd Place; MNPC 2018, Elite Artistic, 1st Place; Aerialympics St. Louis 2018, Advanced, 2nd Place

Professional Development: Regular classes with Amber Cahill and Tristabel Akila. Workshops with Jessica Johnson, Jordan Mazur, Flying Laura, Phoenix Kazree and Emily Elise.

Bri is TGR's ambassador for Pole Sport Organization and is the secretary for TGR's Competition Committee.


Chelsea Snaps

Chelsea first found TGR in 2013 when a friend at church mentioned she worked at the gym. She attended Rock & Pole and started taking the Pole Fit classes shortly after. After over a decade as an athlete and several years coaching competitive cheerleading and gymnastics, she found that pole was the perfect sport to fuel her competitive nature. Chelsea now competes and performs locally and throughout the Midwest. She has competed at Central Pole Championship 2017 in Chicago, placing 3rd in the Championship, Level 4 category; Gateway Pole Championship 2017 in St. Louis, where she placed 1st in the Entertainment, Level 4 category; and Minnesota Pole Competition 2018 in St. Paul, where she placed 2nd in the Elite Classic category. Chelsea also performs as part of the En L'air Aerial Dance Company in their various showcases and performances. Chelsea is also on the En L'Air Committee, working to plan and curate aerial events at TGR. Chelsea teaches Spinny Pole at the Des Moines location.


Julie Sander

Julie teaches Combos & Conditioning, Aerial Hoop Level 1/2 and Aerial Strength at TGRs DSM location.

Megan Nelson

Megan has been with TGR fitness since 2012. She grew up competing in dance and gymnastics and was thrilled to find a gym that brought those activities back into her life. Megan started competing in pole fitness in 2014 and is currently training for her 4th competition. In 2017, She was named Champion of Central Pole Championship's level 4 Dramatic senior division. Megan began teaching pole fitness at TGR in 2014. Classes taught include Pole Fit Levels 1 through PHD, Vertical Booty Camp, Rock & Pole, cardio dance classes, Pole Flow, Pole Combos, Floor Flow, pole dance parties and many more. Megan has choreographed multiple routines for herself as well as pieces for other competitors and performers. She is a committee member and performer for En L’Air Aerial Dance Company.
When she is not at TGR, Megan practices as a registered dental hygienist is West Des Moines and enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends.
“TGR has become a way of life for me. It is not just a place to become fit but a home where everyone is very loving and welcoming. I have found my life long friends here.”

Sarah Molenburg

Sarah has been a member of TGR Fitness since September of 2010. Since she began her journey at TGR she has gone on to compete professionally throughout the Midwest. She has competed in at Central Pole Championship (Professional), the North American Pole Dance Competition (Elite), the Windy City Competition (Elite), and at Minnesota Pole Competition (Elite). Sarah has also performed in Iowa at 515 Alive, 80/35, Santa Pub Crawl, Sub Sonic Social, Varietease, the Iowa State Fair, Pandora's Circus, Des Moines Bridal Expo, and more than a dozen TGR shows and performances. She is also a cast member of Girl Next Door - Chicago. She is an active member of TGR's performance group, En L'Air Aerial Dance Company.

In addition to her extensive training at TGR she has also trained at Body + Pole in New York City, Aloft Loft in Chicago, and Fit Body and Pole in Colorado Springs. She has trained individually with Samantha Star, Kelly Yvonne, Michelle Stanek, and Marlo Fisken. In addition to flexibility training at TGR, she has also trained with Issac Pena, Caty Mae Yount, Jessica Johnson, and continues to further her knowledge in this area to bring new and updated techniques to TGR.



Not so Behind-the-Scenes

Our work-study crew is available on weekday evenings to answer your questions, give studio tours, manage equipment and help our gyms feel more like your home-away-from-home! 


 Ashley Sponsler


Christina Silva, Crystal Hansen, Kelly Lawrence

Our work-study program is designed for people who are serious about developing their fitness, pole and/or aerial capabilities and want to make it a bigger part of their lives. Whether it is competing, teaching, or switching careers, this program has helped countless others reach their goals. It is at least a 6-month long commitment where you will be required to work one evening per week spread from open to close. During these shifts you would be responsible for opening/closing the studio, working the front desk, cleaning, rigging, and any number of extra tasks. In exchange you will receive a heavily discounted membership of your choice.  

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Competition Committee

TGR has brought over 100 pole and aerial competitors to the stage! With routine creation, costume design, travel plans and day-of preparation to consider, it takes a TEAM to make it happen. Meet our competition committee! 

Sarah Molenburg - Chairperson

Bri Harding - Secretary

Sarah Brekke - Treasurer

Want more information on joining our competition team? Click on the button below to join our Facebook group and get in touch with our committee!

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En L'Air Committee

TGR's aerial dance company, En L'Air (ballet in the air) produces four to six professional shows each year! This team focuses on concept creation, stage settings, cast selection and fundraising. Meet our En L'Air committee! 

Megan Nelson - Chairperson

Krystal Berger - Secretary

Chelsea Keeney - Treasurer

Want more information on joining one of En L'Air's productions? Click on the button below to join our Facebook group and get in touch with our committee!.

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